Are you looking for an original and friendly idea for the interior design of your rooms? The major brands currently offer you convertible billiard tables, both designer and practical, for a few hundred euros. Using this kind of accessory is not complicated. Focus.

What is a convertible billiard table?

Une table moderne qui se transforme en billard<

There is more and more talk about the convertible billiard table these days. It is an accessory for the dining room, but which hides a regulation billiard table in its interior. This also explains the size and style of the accessory. Part of the latest trend in home furnishing accessories, the convertible billiard table is practical and stylish. The big brands hide in their accessory a system that allows you to hide the game to reveal a classic billiard table where you can receive and eat, and to activate it again to let a classic billiard table appear. It is an ideal accessory for those who love to play games and especially billiard ball competitions. With a modern finish, an aesthetic cut and high quality materials, this piece of furniture will bring a certain elegance to your interior design, whatever the style.

The advantages of a convertible billiard table

If the billiard table that can be converted into a table is also popular lately it is because of its practicality. Both a game and a classic furnishing accessory, it offers an attractive price-performance ratio, regardless of whether or not you are planning to set up a game room in your home. It can also be a touch of originality in your interior design. Halfway between a decorative accessory and a playful item, the billiard dining table will appeal to young and old alike. With its exceptional design, it will adapt not only to all styles of decoration, but also to all rooms. It can be installed in an open space, under a veranda or in a specific room of the house. The size does not exceed 3 m, which is still the regulation size of a competition billiard table. Delivered in kit form, it is easy to install and will easily find its place in your house or flat. You also have the possibility to personalise the colour and style of the legs as well as the finishes of your accessory.

Where to find your convertible billiard table?

Une billard qui se fond dans votre intérieur<

For a few hundred euros, you will find a convertible billiard table at specialist shops and dedicated platforms. Part of the latest home furniture collection, this new trend is becoming more and more popular. This leaves you with a wide range of choices.
Of course, we will always advise you on branded items that will not only last longer, but will also look better. Even if you have to invest a few dozen euros more, it is an investment that is worthwhile considering the quality of the wood used and the finish and cut of the product. This will not only provide you with a certain degree of comfort, but will also allow you to be the king of the game.
Convertible billiard tables are also available in different colours. So you can personalise your layout. Recently, there has also been a trend towards original furniture in brighter colours. This applies to the living room as well as the dining room. In any case, on the dedicated sites, choose tables delivered with chairs to guarantee your comfort, but also to facilitate the installation. In the virtual shelves, you only have to scroll through the different possibilities to find the ideal model and not regret your choice.